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3D Origami Ninja by CrystallizedJello

The main body is a little hard to see in the photos, but the outline is good. I really love the accessories - especially the shuriken! The headband is very clever as well. These little accessories really give this ninja an edge than if you were only to glue on body parts.

I personally love the eyes. I think it fits in with the chibi style (especially the shape of the body).

I can't really tell what the white bit is. At first I thought it was attached to the katana/sword but I'm not too sure.

I love the presentation of the ninja. Not only did you not go for simply photographing it standing on a bench, you made it much more interesting by using what I believe is a CD holder/stand (?). This 'brings the character to life' - well done!

The only downfall for me is the photography. The saturation (?) on the first photo take out most of the origami details. I like the third photo as I can see the details better. This is not in the photography category, so I think deviants would like to see details of your work. Also, I can't make out the hands and feet. The soft focus on the photos is not my thing but I think it can make your piece stand out if used more effectively.

I highly recommend putting more in the description. Deviants would love to know what materials and technique you applied. This technique is called 'modular origami' - according to wikipedia and some deviants - so I would mention it. Also, the measurements would help deviants to visualize how big/small it really is.

Overall, I really love this deviation! I only recently became interested in this style of origami because I grew up only knowing this technique used to make swans and baskets. Thank you for adding a twist to it!

P.S. I recently found this article and it's going to be my guide for my future deviants and I thought it might be helpful for you: [link].
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